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Boom Juice

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1oz gw jar.

BoomJuice oil easily penetrates to prevent wear. The Oiler holds the silk which is blended with a lightweight  oil, perfect for small applications. This product can be used directly on the DYNAMIC orings .

For best results use the UltraSilk lube, then you can apply one drop of BoomJuice on each DYNAMIC O RINGS  before using of your markers.

(Dynamic seals are the o rings that have motion       between surfaces.)

The silk is small enough to be forced on to the structure of  metals surfaces.

Conjunction with the UltraSilk lubricates and Boom-treatment  you'll be “UltraSilk for Life!”

  • Less is More
  • Improves Performance
  • Reduces Friction
  • Increases Consistency
  • Boosts Efficiency

Now available for all markers.